Stark Voices

Welcome to Stark Voices, a publication highlighting the work of Stark State College students and made possible by the school’s students and staff. Our college hosts students with a variety of creative backgrounds, and Stark Voices aims to amplify their voices through the publication of their:

  • Writing
    • Poetry
    • Short Stories
    • Essays

  • Art
    • Traditional (paintings, illustrations, etc.)
    • Photography

  • Media
    • Video
    • Audio
    • Presentations

If you’re a faculty member or student with a piece you think would be a great fit for Stark Voices, check out our Contact page to find out how to submit. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Stark Voices is committed to recognizing students’ excellence while proudly highlighting their diverse perspectives, critical insights, and creative reflections.

DISCLAIMER: The content of this publication represents the academic exploration of individual students. The perspectives expressed are not representative of the official positions of Stark State College.

Interested in submitting content? Students and faculty can head to our Contact Us page to read the guidelines and procedures for having work featured in Stark Voices!

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