About Us

Stark Voices is a publication of Stark State College, run by students and overseen by a committee of professors within the English and Modern Languages departments and the Writing Center staff. We are committed to recognizing students’ excellence while proudly highlighting their diverse perspectives, critical insights, and creative reflections.

In their last semester before graduation, Technical Communications majors must hold an internship position within the committee and oversee the publication process, holding all executive titles and responsibilities.

As such, Stark Voices is a publication that incorporates a culmination of learned processes that include all aspects of publication, such as:

  • Interviewing
  • Customer service
  • Editing
  • Layout and design elements
  • Collaborative efforts between faculty and students

Stark Voices encourages all students interested in communication, publication, writing, and graphic design to consider joining the committee and assisting in the recognition of fellow students.  Faculty who encounter high-quality student writing, and who wish to foster academic achievement and advance student success, can submit student essays for publication consideration throughout the academic year. 

Our Partners

Stark Voices may be the ongoing internship project of Technical Communications majors, but wouldn’t be possible without support from Stark State College’s English professors and Writing Center Staff. You can get to know them here.

Thank you for the time you dedicate to the keystone experience of technical communications interns!

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