Former Interns

Fall 2022

Lindsay (she/her) is set to graduate from the school’s Technical Communications program in December (provided she doesn’t fail her math class) and plans on doing a UI/UX writing bootcamp soon after. Her pie-in-the-sky dream job is to one day support Supergiant Games, but she’s excited to do any work that combines her writing abilities, organization skills, and (ideally) love of video games. When she isn’t being an avid indoor enthusiast, she loves spending time with her husband, two daughters, and doofy chocolate lab. She’s thrilled to be welcoming a Devon Rex kitten in November, undoubtedly making her social media insufferable as a result.

Lindsay Zvada

Spring 2022

Hello! My name is Anna Villanova and I am a student at Stark State. I am currently majoring in Technical Communications and will be graduating from Stark State in May 2022. After I graduate, I plan on transferring to the University of Akron to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Supervision. I currently work at the University of Akron as a Peer-to-Peer worker and also Marketing Ambassador, where I get to run the social media dining page. When I am not doing that, you can find me at Canal Park working for the Akron Rubberducks! I have been there for four seasons and it is probably one of the greatest environments ever. When I am not doing school work or working, I spend my time with my family and friends. In my free time, I enjoy taking pictures, writing, painting and playing with my dogs. Being an intern and working on this project has been a very eye opening experience and has been a lot of fun. I am excited to be part of it!

anna villanova
Anna Villanova

Nicole Parsons: Working on converting the Stark Voices Journal to an online platform was more challenging than I thought it would be. This paragraph was the easiest part of this project. By making Stark Voices available on an online platform, we are evolving with the current times. As difficult as it has been, it feels amazing to be part of the team on this project. We have created something that future students will use and build to display the talent at Stark State. Like Anna, I also graduate in May 2022. I will eventually pursue a bachelor’s degree, but not right away. I’ve been a hairstylist for over 20 years and needed a change. I wish I could tell you what my new career will be, but this was project was due before I had that figured out. I believe everyone reading this can relate to that.

nicole parsons
Nicole Parsons

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