Stark State College hosts a variety of students whose writing talents shine through their academic work and make them the pride of their programs.

Stark Voices aims to share that work (in addition to non-academic writing!) with an audience that reaches beyond our classrooms.

Here, you can hear a sampling of student voices through their fiction, poetry, and essay writing.

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Do you enjoy writing and have a piece you’d like to submit? Check out our submission policies and get in touch with us. We’d love to read your work!

DISCLAIMER: The content of this publication represents the academic exploration of individual students. The perspectives expressed are not representative of the official positions of Stark State College.

The Solo Valentine (ft. Rick Ross) by Shania Driggs
Fear Will not Control Me by Jonathan Stevenson
Destigmatizing Single-Parent Adoption by Katie McVicker
Pulling Back the Blanket of Snow by Tracy Murphy
Smile, Your Mom Chose Life by Lauren Marshall
The Mug by Chandler Jernigan
Turn and Face the Strange... by Emily Baumgardner
Why do People Repudiate Christianity? by Lakisha Nevels
The Sound of Love by Steven LaReux
American Malls: Left to Die, or Resurrected? by Alina Sheik

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